miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

The new fancam into Mutua Madrid Open 2017

One of the biggest technological innovations at the Mutua Madrid Open will be the BriziCam, robotic cameras controlled by fans in-stadium, that guarantees fans will have a completely new experience at the Mutua Madrid Open. Located in the upper reaches of the Manolo Santana Stadium, the BriziCam will have a direct angle of the 12,500 seats that make up the tournament’s main court, offering spectators a chance to immortalize their presence at one of the world’s biggest sporting events in a completely new way.
The 2017 Mutua Madrid Open will be the first Masters 1000 or WTA Premier to include this innovative technology, and in doing so it is at the forefront of a genuine revolution in the fans’ experience. So far the Australian Open and the US Open are the only other tennis tournaments that have implemented this tool for enhancing the fan experience at sporting events.
The BriziCam system provides a spectacular experience with 5 robotic cameras that can instantly focus on any seat in the stadium. Thanks to the technology developed by the company brizi, fans will become the focal point of the show and they can instantly share their experience at the tournament from a bird’s-eye view.

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