lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Serena Williams into quarter finals of the Australian open 2017

Serena Williams vs strycova 75 64

She had just eight forehand winners, and 23 forehand unforced errors. Basically a three to one ratio in the wrong direction.

For the tournament, Serena has 36 forehand winners. She has amassed 64 forehand unforced errors. That’s a red flag that we simply are not used to seeing from the six-time Australian Open champion.

The problem seems to be getting worse rather than better. In the second round there were nine forehand unforced errors. In the third round there were 14. Now it’s up to 23.

In the same breath, Serena should be concerned about the new problem, and opponents should definitely be concerned that the American star has not dropped a set in the tournament despite her main baseline weapon misfiring.

Serena’ first serve is also misbehaving a little more than normal as well. In seven matches in Melbourne in 2016, Serena hit 53 aces and 16 double faults, including just six double faults in her first four matches. This year Serena has 31 aces and 17 double faults through four matches. The ace total is tracking nicely, but the double faults have already exceeded her 2016 seven-match.

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