domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

Angelique kerber in press conference. Australian open 2017

Her star has risen and with it, that unavoidable spin-off of fame. Some relish their newfound celebrity status but for world No.1 Angelique Kerber, this is the same down-to-earth ‘Angie’ as before.

Having joined the Grand Slam champions’ circle at last year’s Australian Open with the most unexpected upset of six-time champion Serena Williams in the final, the German’s off-court commitments naturally soared.

So too did the tiresome, if tenuous comparisons with the last German Grand Slam champion, Steffi Graf.

Throw the season-ending world No.1 ranking into the mix and the no-fuss 28-year-old from Bremen finds herself with a whole new juggling routine.

“It feels good. A lot of pressure, as well. I have much more things to do. I mean, the day's schedule is a little bit tighter than 12 months ago,” Kerber said.

“But at the end I'm still trying to do my things like I was doing this before.

“It's just a number before my name. I will try, of course, to stay as long as possible there. But, yeah, it's a new challenge. I think that I'm ready for that challenge. Let's see how I can deal with that.

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