sábado, 28 de enero de 2017

Serena Williams conquer's of the Australian open 2017.

Serena vs venus 64 64

Dominant champions in any field boast an assured presence about them. Some bank on the big chat to psych out opponents, for others there is a certain confidence in their athleticism, their swagger, their physicality.

The best usually rely on the more intrinsic means – an aura typically earned through results.

Serena Williams is a glowing example.

With 22 majors to her name, the 35-year-old stands one match from pulling clear of Steffi Graf’s Open Era Grand Slam record when she faces Venus Williams in Saturday’s Australian Open decider.

There is no need for her to talk the big talk. Those results speak for themselves.

For a contender new on the scene, Serena's presence is perhaps most palpable.

Following her second-round hiding at the hands of her great countrywoman, Nicole Gibbs spoke of the awe she felt facing her hero on Rod Laver Arena.

Serena had swept her way to the title six times. Gibbs had won just four main draw matches at Melbourne Park in three campaigns.

“There was definitely an opportunity going up against players I played, and I was in awe and very respectful,” Serena said when told of Gibbs’ remarks.

“I was in awe and had so much respect for these players.

“But when I stepped out there, I wanted to see what I can do, all my years of work and how it would stand up against the greatest.”

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