viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Timea Bacsinszky in press conference! Wimbledon 2016

Timea Bacsinszky talks to the media after the 6-4, 6-2 win over Luksika Kumkhum

Q. You finished your first round match on Thursday, first week of a Grand Slam. A lot of other players in the same situation have used the word "weird" to describe that. How did you stay focused after waiting all this time, and all this starting so late?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, you know, first of all, I think I didn't have actually the choice. I can get angry about it and lose energy by getting angry, or I can just accept that's like that.
So for sure the Grand Slam rhythm isn't the same as other tournaments, but I think every player competing here is what I think professional enough to be able to deal with it. So for me I just try to not to lose so much energy while waiting. 
It wasn't that easy, because you have the tension of the match. I had the tension of the match on Tuesday, on Wednesday, and today. So it's kind of weird, for sure, as the other ones says, they said.
But in the end, it can happen everywhere, and I think it has been happening all over Europe for the last what's happening? This wasn't happening in Europe before. (Laughter.)
Is it all right? Yeah. Okay.
It has been happening all over Europe for the last couple of almost month, I would say. It's a special year for tennis. Well, I believe when you have such a year, it's not coming back every year hopefully.
So I plan to play at least seven more years, so I hope that in the seven more years, the rain won't come that often than in 2016.

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